Omer is an Israeli born, international artist and musician, currently living in Brooklyn, he has shown his work extensively in New York, San Francisco, LA, Tel Aviv, Toronto, Rome, Russia, Italy, Brazil, UK and Finland. He graduated with an MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute and he received his BFA from Minshar school for Art in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Along with Omer’s art comes his music and sound work, which he incorporates, into performance, ritual movement, drawing, animation and video. His theatrical musical project “Cookie Tongue” started in 2011, has performed in front of many audiences worldwide and released 3 studio albums.

His short stop motion animation works and videos have been featured at festivals worldwide. The stop motion “SAP” (2014) has been exhibited in NYC, SF, London and Portland. “Shoreline” (2d animation, 2010) and “Rabbit Rabbit” (stop motion, 2009) have been shown over the past years at festivals and galleries. The three channel video instillation, “Naked Cave”, has shown at Aggregate Space in Oakland, CA and at Surplus Space in Portland, OR in 2014. Recently Omer has made several music videos which include stop motion animation and other media for Cookie Tongue's songs.