Omer Gal’s musical menagerie ‘Cookie Tongue’ bleeds out creativity through many facets forming a multi dimensional experience.

A whimsical journey is awaiting, filled with strange songs, unexpected puppet interventions, looped sonic textures, ritual inspired movement and holographic-like animations.
"spellbound, tasting of a world just beyond."

Omer has toured the world solo and with different iterations of the ensemble.

︎This upcoming summer tour will be solo but with the same fullness that mesmerizes audiences.

Somewhere between the stitches of the veil you will find the cookie seeds growing.
Sprouting myths in strange tongues, remnant tastes of a world just beyond.

“made up of equal parts playful/fanciful and twisted/demented”
“Make sure to tie your shoelaces because this one is gonna be trippy”

frame from recent music video “Jupiter Rising”

“The Misty Flower” a 30 second commissioned piece for created and directed by Omer (click to see it in full resolution w/sound)

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