Recent Puppetry

New hand puppets

Puppet Readings
An intimate divination performance done with small puppets chosen by the viewer to enact a semi improvised show in a theatre set attached to the artist’s head.

Photography - Nina Cherkezi

Performance at Art Space 7 Belvedere in Brooklyn, NY 12/6/2019 documentation - Suzi Sadler

A segment from the performance
The full piece

Puppet Readings

︎Live at the Reliquary Museum in Brooklyn NY 2019 ︎

Photography - Nina Cherkezi

︎ Documentation of puppets from Puppetry Readings ︎

︎ Rainbow Connection Puppets ︎

︎ George with shelf tongue instillation ︎

︎"Orphan Arm Pipers", fabric, stuffing, wood, fimo, string, leather, hair, paint, 2017︎

︎ more portraits of finger puppets ︎