In Omer’s animation work all media combines into one breathing whimsical wonder
Below - A mix of works from commisioned music videos to animated shorts

Award Winning Commsioned Animation Piece “Radium Girls” for Charming Disaster - 2022

Excerpt and stills from current project (working title): “To the Spinal Womb”

Video Reel 2022

Sincere Gifts “Monsanto vs Santo”
(Commisioned Music Video)

“Fae Rite Serum”, 2020 Trailer (Collab with Jacquelyn Marie Shannon)
currently on the film festival circuit

Frames from recent commison work for the Operah “Liberation Through Hearing” 12/2020

Omer’s approach to creative direction is to see every new project as a birthing, every new piece - like life - shows both darkness and joy juxtaposing the Grotesque and Naive by playing with creepy textures, childlike whimsicality, ghostly puppets and fantastical sets with naive raw colors. Omer first creates an outline and storyboard before shooting, but leaves some space for slight changes and happy accidents to happen in the process. These slight changes can happen while building the puppets and sets or while shooting. Some of the best ideas only appear to the mind’s eye once things are actually there, in front of it, or seen through the camera lens, angle and composition. Omer believes that puppets/sculptures have spirit, I believe it radiates only once they are built and come to life and so to be able to listen to them and be intentional there is a need to leave some space for change in the pre production phase.
Omer likes to shoot in similar styles to the Brother’s Quay, Jan Svankmajer, Allison Schullnik and The Wolf House, he’s inspired by the poetic and occult films of Alejandro Jodorovski as well.

Cookie Tongue ritual video/animation 12/2020

Cookie Tongue “Graveyard Song” - Music Video/Short Film

Recent Cookie Tongue Music Videos