Through a twisted unstable substance matter I inquire into a fantastic sphere each time realizing it again…

When I look at a piece of art I wish to see a blast of silent noise bursting out, like a sound coming out of a cloud; and over there, there is space for a great variety of objects and things that can be continuously penetrated merely by being immersed in this amorphous atmosphere. The belief in the possibility of fulfilling this vision is both a horizontal goal and an initial motive for my creation process. The act of displaying and displacing this cloudy space is located at the center of my work.
Rough edges, presented in a childish, somewhat sloppy manner and phantasmatic characters are my key-buttons for controlling the level of pressure invested in penetrating meanings and daily structures: first, I use the general form of the object, then split and divide it again and again allowing a somewhat-new thing to rise. Will the artifice take a life of its own?, or, put differently, will it remain bound?, attached to its primitive "origin". Leaving this question open-ended initiates an endless journey which my work strives to explore.

In my art I use many kinds of mediums, from three dimensions: I combine silicone and plastic, latex, clay, paper meche and a large variety of ready-mades, In addition I include two dimensional drawings using multi-color pens, as well as non-plastic animation films sometimes integrated into painting and performance, where all these elements come to life by mixing living stories, sounds and characters.