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Cookie Tongue is a theatrical freak folk musical menagerie with puppetry, animation, butoh-inspired dance, and ritual magic, featuring original songs and whimsical interludes inspired by Cookie Tongue's surreal mythology, fairytales, childhood, ghost stories, and a sprinkle.of the occult. Performed with guitar, singing saw, glockenspiel, organ, bells, drums, experimental percussion, and orphaned toys to send you tumbling down the Cookie hole, through sugar ash and rolling sleeves of starlight, "spellbound, tasting of a world just beyond."

Gal writes most of the songs, sings, plays guitar, piano, and incorporates experimental loops and percussion. He also integrates his whimsical, other-worldly visual art in the show to create a full experience for the audience that envelops them in a phantasmic, transportive atmosphere. He is an eclectic musician but also an inventive multi-modal artist who works in 2d and 3d, animation and video, performance art, and puppetry. He also moonlights as a curious storyteller and patient teacher of feral would-be-woodland children.

Jacquelyn Marie Shannon adds vocals and multi-instrumental experimentation on singing saw, glockenspiel, wind chimes, hand-maracas, and buffalo drum. In addition Jacquelyn is a dance and theater ritual artist primarily inspired by Japanese butoh, which she has been performing for over 10 years, as well as German expressionism, avant-garde theatre, circus, magic, spiritualism, Americana, and the nostalgic mythos and mysticism of the southern USA.

Currently we are (on tour duo/trio):
Omer Gal - Vocals, Guitar, looping, more
Jacquelyn Marie Shannon - Vocals, Singing Saw, Glockenspiel, Butoh inspired ritual movement
Nathan Repasz - Drums, Percussion, Back Vocals

Title track from Dream Seed Ceremony

New Single out

2020 Winter East Coast Tour and Asheville Fringe Fest this month

We recently released 2 new music videos!

New Video out - 'Graveyard Song' (animated by Mother Tongue aka Omer Gal)

Back in BK from our UK/EU summer tour!

Homecoming show at Secret Project Robot next Saturday Sep.1st

An album of freaky-folky magic and whimsy, puppet dreams, shadow grain, wooden spells and fairy ash on one phantasmagorical palette.

Music Video 'Flame Feet' off Orphan Arms

Our Wild Kickstarter video that made it all happen


Official Music Video "Remote Control" 2014

The first release, Biotic Rituals, was recorded in San Francisco at Faultline studios and mixed at the Famous Dub Narcotic Studios of K Records in Olympia, WA in 2014. CT has played many venues in the Bay Area, NY, Israel and other cities around the world, such as Bottom of the Hill, Amnesia, Viracocha, Milk Bar, Yoshi’s, Hotel Utah, ATA Theater, Gallery venues in SF, Pianos, Sidewalk Cafe, Tarot Society to name a few. frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>

"Cookie Tongue - what puppets would listen to if they had a favorite band"