The Shitheads are a fictional character which can be identified by its floating capabilities and its (usually) a head with three prongs(legs).
They are animated, painted on shirts, fabric, canvas, human size costumes and are spreading in social media...
The Shitheads Diaspora is the multi media performance combining human and animation in one. Mc Double Shithead fights, raps and painfully is slaved by the animated hovering heads, when they try to make their Diaspora out of the sewer into human society.
people can purchase shitheads online too as well as at the Shitheads auction which happens as part of the Diaspora show
: here
Shitheads Facebook Page

Currently the shitheads are widely spreading on one of a kind t shirts, which are individually hand painted and sold either on the street or through social media. The spreading of the shitheads into the world goes along with the narrative in the zines and performances. The Shitheads can portray the good, bad or evil, but in every human being there is a shithead in the linguistic form or the physical matabilistic form.
Mc Double Shithead is a rapper with two shithead faces one on his body and one is his head, he interacts with animated shitheads projected on a screen next to him live. The performance gives an absurd edge to the shithead epidemic. So look out The Shitheads are coming from a sewer near you...
As part of the project I created an Etsy Shop and a wordpress blog.

The shitheads theme song(music by Michal Makaresco)

The Shitheads episode no.1

Shitheads Diaspora, Mc Double Shithead Breakdance segment at Franconia performance Salon, San Francisco, CA 2015