"Frigid Fragments of the psych-asy" is the title for Omer Gal's multi color pen drawings on paper, including animation integrated onto larger scale drawings in an instillation setting.

most pieces above are 8x5.5inches, multi-color jumbo pen on paper, plexi glass, pins 2014-2016

In this body of work I aim to create a notion of ritualistic energy, through dividing the initial meanings of the symbols and reincorporating them in a new pattern I suffice the viewer into noticing the inner poetic connection of the piece.
Encapsulated in plastic these drawings are metaphorically detached from reality, frozen in an unconscious train of thought, as the viewer plays the role of researcher of a non existing world filled with 'biotic rituals' - blue monkeys, alien islanders with hats, strange potions and more.

Other than the small format drawings, the idea behind this project is to project animation on to a large scale drawing. Little animated occurrences, like a blue monkey walking on an intestine, will occur in turns, in different areas in the drawing. Each object or character in the drawing will get activated differently by an animation in its turn. below is a little glimpse on a few of the animated occurrences, in total there will be more than 20 occurrences when the project is finished. Sound will be added to illustrate the narrative and to heighten the cinematic aspect.

animation tests for animated drawing instillation...

full sized document of large scale drawing

The full Frigid fragments of the psych-asy instillation will combine the animated drawing and the small scale pen on paper drawings. The encapsulated pieces will be installed to the walls, illustrating frozen frames, like stills from an animated film. The animation will be projected onto the large scale drawing which will be hung on the wall. The viewer can then move in between the real and the fiction by seeing an in between world of frozen moments and moving ones, always holding the potential of movement within his or her mind while viewing the works.