Performances based around handcrafted art objects and soundtracks that are both beautiful and disturbing. One of the elements in the performances is the masking of a body and face which is used to overcome anxiety by becoming a new identity purging the feeling of detachment and enabling a connection to the fictious world in which the masked character exists a-new.

Galactic Colonoscopia

"removing a polyp from an outer galactic intestinal tunnel"
This work speaks of interference, a play with high tech and lo human tech to ironically reveal a failed attempt to succeed in full unity with machines. 2014.

below is my script and in the video you can see what actually happened.

set up: set up stand and plug in sensor screen
I will need a microphone, microphone stand, projection of animation to be qued 10 seconds before the end time and sound separately started at the beginning time.
Lights need to be turned on at 1 minute into the performance according to the clock(if clock is not correctly showing time then turn lights on after 15 seconds of the polyps shadows being projected onto special screen).
the performance is 2:30 minutes long. 0:30 seconds set up and 1 minute cleanup.

in the performance I will come in and say "Our world is in danger! Justin has given me only two minutes to commence in a colonscopia surgery on a third dimensional galactic proto intestinal tunnel in order to remove a devastating virus which is threatening all mankind!
I commence in a 'colonoscopia surgery' by projecting a shadow of a plastic tunnel onto the white screen, I keep projecting the shadow till I find a colorful plastic polyp within the tunnel.
I remove it with a hook which is connected to the light pole, and say "I have found it, it is from another dimension"
then I create a shadow of the colorful polyp onto a light sensored sound device creating tone changes and visuals characterizing it's unique qualities as a polyp from an outer galactic intestinal tunnel.
Inside the polyp there is colorful paint which I spill on myself while yelling " oh no its raining colored blood from the third dimensional Galactic Polyp, the blood falls on your white shirt" this is also said in the audio that is played, the audio continues and says "this is not Omer, its justin Hoover", then it says " thank you all for coming to the 100 performances for a hole lot of fun try out our deep fried chips at the entrance of knowwhere" then I scream out "I've reached the entrance of no where it was right here in this hole this hole time and I missed it but my existence is terminated in 10 seconds, then there is an animation that comes up and its justin hoover's face counting down 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1. at 0 I jump in to the hole and yell "ahh!!".

Mechanical Wanderer, mixed media, latex, electronics, 2014